FFL/ NFA Transfer Info

Attn Customers: We now have a digital scanner so that we can complete all required finger printing and photographing in house. We have FBI and ATF approved software that can store our customers prints and electronic signatures to help speed up future transfers. Our scanner also automatically scores prints to eliminate errors and ATF refusal of prints. We would like to offer this service to anyone requiring prints for NFA transfers, CPL applications, and other background checks. Please check back for more info or call us with questions!

If you purchase any of our items requiring an FFL Dealer Transfer (Complete guns, rifles, pistols, or AR Lowers) please ensure you make arrangements with your dealer prior to ordering. Feel free to order your item to ensure it is reserved for you but understand that you are responsible for finding a dealer to accept the shipment. You are responsible for any transfer fees your dealer may charge you. We will not find a dealer for you as it is important for you and your dealer to communicate and reach an agreed understanding. Your dealer should email a copy of their FFL to info@BayouGunRunner.com and reference you by name. Once we have your payment and license we will mail the order as soon as possible. If your dealer has questions or concerns please have them contact us at the above email address or call 225-252-7620. 

We will gladly receive your firearms and transfer them to you as long as you follow our simple guidelines. Transfer fees are $20.00 for one item and another $5.00 for each additional item for up to as many as required. Contact us for details.

NFA transfers are $100.00
This applies to SBRs, Suppressors, and Machine guns

We now have an agreement with Silencershop.com to accept their transfers. If you want to buy from them just place your order and request to have it sent to Bayou Gun Runner at NO additional charge or click here: Powered by Silencer Shop.

Trying a new dealer verify their license here


The ATF NFA Branch allows individuals to check the status on their own transfers. Most commonly this is an ATF Form 4 for an item you have purchased from a dealer such as a silencer, short barreled rifle, short barreled shotgun, or machine gun. The process is quick and easy… 

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
National Firearms Act Branch
244 Needy Road
Martinsburg, WV 25405
Voice (304) 616-4500

NFA Transfers

All NFA items (suppressors, SBRs) must be sent to a Title2 (SOT3) dealer on an approved ATF Form3. Approval for these has been running around 60 days but experiences differ. Once the transfer is approved your item will ship to your selected dealer. For local purchase of NFA items an ATF Form4 is required and you will need to choose between the traditional method or an NFA Trust. Either way we can help walk you through the process.