Liberty Mystic 9mm, Multi Caliber, Suppressor

Liberty Mystic 9mm, Multi Caliber, Suppressor

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Liberty Mystic 9mm, Multi Caliber, SuppressorThis item comes with a $100.00 coupon to have it converted to a Mystic-X by Liberty

Made entirely from Titanium and Stainless Steel, this suppressor weighs in at a little over 15 ounces with a recoil booster installed in it. This suppressor can be “dipped” ultrasonically, sand blasted, or soaked in harsh solvents without fear of damage to the unit.

Did I mention that is also full auto rated? Well it is!!!

Liberty also decided to make it adaptable to other makers mounting devices as well, like the Multimount adapters as well as TROS boosters too. They also make an adapter ring to mount the Triad three lug mount to the Mystic as well. These features make this the perfect transition suppressor for sealed aluminium suppressor owners. Since all the mounts will work with the Mystic, this saves the end-user considerable money when it comes to buying mounts.

There has been a lot of interest in using this unit on 223 rifles as well as the intended caliber. It can be used on 223 under limited conditions. Low rates of fire with cooling periods and no mirage covers. The use of a mirage cover will hide the obvious indicator of the unit getting hot by producing mirage. This is a great indicator to let the shooter know that the can needs to cool off. Also, in 223 the barrel must be at least 16″ in length.

Caliber: 9mm, .22 LR, 300/221, 300 Blk, .357 Mag, 338 Spectre

Diameter: 1.375"

Sound Reduction: 38 dB

Weight: 12.1 oz (without mount)

Length: 8"

Material: Stainless steel / titanium

Mount: Multiple mounting options available

Mystic Multipurpose Suppressor
MSRP: 750$

Weight of suppressor: Approximately 12.1 oz (module only)
Approximately 16 oz (with booster)

Length/Diameter : 8” x 1.375”

Material: Stainless steel / Titanium

Attachment: Multiple styles

Approx. DB Reduction: 38dB (This is with Fiocchi 158 gr 9mm which was showing 162dB unsuppressed)

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