Chris's AR15 Corner, Product Testing and Reviews

Posted by Marchiafava1 on 8/25/2014
Chris's AR15 Corner, Product Testing and Reviews
I guess every great writer, blogger, columnist etc. starts off with a grand humorous, witty or moving introduction to their audience...well, most likely not me. My name is Chris M, and thanks to Carlos I am addicted to AR15 rifles. Over the past year I have built quite a few, some with "budget" minded parts and some without.
  As you already know Carlos and Bayou Gun Runner rely heavily on social media and word of mouth to advertise. While a few comments here or there can offer insight on a part or his service, they often get lost on the page, overlooked, or just not read. This is the place where I can review a majority of what he sells, along with facts and my personal opinions.
  Being a father of 3 with a hectic work schedule there may not be a review for a few weeks, or their may be 2 a week. It all just depends on my life at the moment. I plan to post pictures, measurements and data with different ammo types and ranges. Comparisons are one of my favorite things to do so look out for quite a bit of those! If there is anything you want to see reviewed just drop us a comment and we will do our best to make it happen. Been on the fence about a barrel? Let us know and we will do our best to review it ASAP.
Thanks for reading so far, and we hope to hear comments and feedback from all of you. Remember, at it's core ideal, this is a place for discussion and feedback on a variety of products, from a "regular Joes" point of view.
First to come, a barrel comparison for ESS's 18" Stainless Steel SoCom and Odin Works 18" Stainless Steel barrels!

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