Dead Air Sandman-S / SMS762
Dead Air Sandman-S / SMS762

Dead Air Sandman-S / SMS762

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Dead Air Sandman-S / SMS762

When we met with Dead Air many years ago, even before their “public debut” this was one of their original silencers. We knew then that Sandman S was destined for greatness. Bridging the gap between the Sandman L and the Sandman K, this can is the perfect blend of size and weight. Until their Sandman K model, this was Dead Air’s shortest can.

This is the compact version of the Sandman L, if you will. The Sandman L being the full size, and the Sandman K being the subcompact versions.

All the benefits of the Sandman series such as:

  • Rock solid, repeatable Key Mo mount with one handed removal
  • Replaceable end caps.
  • Built in flash hider with supplied end cap mitigating any flash that is common with running silencers on SBRs
  • Ships with Dead Air’s Keymount Muzzle Brake which produces minimal concussion compared to other brakes
  • Flat surfaces on the main tube that help with installation and removal, especially with gloved hands.
  • No barrel length restrictions
  • Dead Air’s Lifetime Warranty

Not many companies can keep one of their original silencers in the line up this long unless it still delivers on performance, weight, durability and most importantly value.  If your looking for a can that runs great on bolt guns, AR platforms, and SBRs and gives you the flexibility to go back forth, than look no further. The Sandman S checks all those blocks and will last you a lifetime.


  • Weight: 17.7 ounces
  • Length: 6.8”
  • Build materials: 17-4 Stainless Steel (main tube); Stellite baffles that are welded together for maximum durability
  • Finish: Black Cerakote
  • Rated for: 5.7x28MM. 17HMR, 17HORNET, 22 HORNET, 5.56 NATO, 5.45X39, 22-250 REM, .204 RUGER, .243 WIN, 6.5 CREEDMOOR, 6.8 SPC, 7.62 NATO, 7.62X39, 7MM REM MAG, .30-06 SPRINGFIELD, 300 BLACKOUT, 7.62X54R,  and .300 WIN MAG (PSA: Just ensure your barrel is concentric to the bore on those Soviet boomsticks. Also, if you are wanting to put a silencer on any com bloc gun make sure and check out Dead Air’s Wolverine PBS-1)

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